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“D” Developmental Psychological Dictionary


Entry-(Branch of Psychology)- Definition


Data-(Statistics)-  Observed variables that have value assigned to them. Data is:

  • Qualitative or categorical- data that is descriptive, like demographic information.
  • Quantitative- data that has numeric value.
  • Discrete-considered quantitative and have only distinct values.
  • Continuous-changes with time and behavior, may have more than one value. For example: how many accidents someone has over a period of time.

Defense Mechanisms-(Psychology, Personality Development)- are natural drives used to protect, guard, shield, and defend the self.

Dependent variable-(Statistics)- y and is considered the outcome variable and depends on the linear relationship with the independent variable x.

Descriptive Statistics-(Statistics)- are statistical rules to organize and present data. Usually thought of as used for information that the general public can understand. It is Qualitative or categorical and may not be numeric, for example demographic information.

Developmental Psychology-(Psychology)- The part of the field of Psychology that studies human development including:

  • Biological development
  • Social development
  • Emotional development
  • Mental development

Directional or One-Tailed-(Statistics)- refers to frequency curves and is also called skewed curves meaning that the frequency of the curve deviated from the symmetry of a normal bell shaped curve.

Discrete Random Variables-(Statistics)- variables that represent things that can be counted and take only distinct values, quantitative.

Displacement-(Psychology, Personality Development)- Is a part of Freud’s Theory of Psychosexual development and is associated with anxiety.  Displacement is when anxiety producing behaviors are redirected to a more acceptable target.

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