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HDATS Mag Introduces: “Nailwood®” International Nail Covering System

Mighty As Nails! Nailwood®

Mighty As Nails! Nailwood®
To Order: New Kit at $395.50 (per kit) plus $15.00 international shipping fee (per kit). Make money order out to: Nailwood® c/o Tres M. Scott P.O. Box 2849 Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Nailwood® International Nail Covering System is a natural wood based nail covering system that replaces Acrylic, Sculptured, Gel, Fiberglass, and Silk nail systems.

Nailwood® reinforces nail stress points.
Nailwood® maintains polish.
Nailwood® grows out natural nails stronger.
Nailwood® covers cracks.
Nailwood® reduces breaking.
Nailwood® is used to repair nails for natural manicure customers.
Nailwood® is used as a nail covering, cap, or overlay for natural nails.
Nailwood® is also used for artificial nails or nail extensions.

For Professional Use Only

The Largest Organ of the Human Body: The Skin

The Skin is the largest organ of the human body. Take good care of your skin:

  1. Clean it!
  2. Exfoilate it!
  3. Moisterize it!
  4. Protect it!

Enjoy the summer season with good skin care! Remember to use products age appropriated, season appropriate, and skin type appropriate.


Reflexology is a science that helps to heal the human body. Reflexology uses energy channels in the feet and hands that are associated with organs and parts of the body. 

Reflexology is for all ages:

  1. Babies
  2. Children
  3. Young Adults
  4. Adults
  5. The Elderly

Men’s Cologne: Inexpensive

The older the cologne, the easier it is to get cheap, because of the 10 year patent law. Name brand colognes have knock-offs, imitations, and versions of the cologne cheaper than the original.

It is great to give a gift from a more expensive store for around the same price (Saks, Meimen Marcus, Macy’s). Colognes and perfumes have suggested retail prices.

The Cost of the cologne is not the most important thing, how the cologne smells with your body chemistry is what is important. Colognes are made with different foundations to cause the smell, for example: 1. Spices 2. Flowers 3. Citrus.

Each person has to find out which foundation smell is best for their body chemistry.

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