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The De-Re Concept II: TMSC Consulting SVCS, LLC Developmental Division



The De-Re Concepct: De-program the Negative Re-program the Positive from TMSC Consulting SVCS, LLC Developmental Division


De-program the Negative

Re-program Positive

  • “Bright-Ideas” are positive thoughts, constructive, useful thoughts!
  • “I was thinking” stops the negative, hurtful, harmful thoughts! A statement that puts the past in the past!
  • “What I can think”, brain storm more positive ways to discuss, describe or think about the situation.
  • “I now think” is a new statement to replace the negative thought!

Happy Easter from TMSC Consulting SVCS, LLC Developmental Division

Happy Easter!

Counseling Is…

Counseling Is…the mathematics of Life——-Problems solved through evaluative addition, subtraction, and arrangement of variables.
Tres Mali Scott

From–Counselor Corner SP®: Ritalin Abuse Advisory, I Think Parents Should Know!

Parent Advisory
Parent Advisory
This Topic is endorsed by TMSC Consulting Services, LLC Psychic Division and Psychic Nosology by Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD), Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalist 2nd & 3rd Place Award Winner, Experts 123, & Health Right’s NATO-led International Security Assistance Force page.

Foundation for a Drug-Free World has published a booklet “The Truth About Ritalin Abuse The aduse of prescription stimulants; Destroying young lives”. Ritalin or methylphenidate also called:
•Kiddie Cocaine,
•Diet Coke,
•Kiddie Coke,
•Vitamin R,
•Poor man’s cocaine,
•Skittles, and

is classified by the Drug Enforcement Administration as a Schedule II narcotic, like cocaine, morphine, and amphetamines. As a prescription side effects may include:
•anorexia (eating disorder),
•pulse changes, heart problems, and
•weight loss.

The manufacturer says it is a drug of dependency. Health Advisory Warnings about Ritalin, June 2005 U.S. Food and Drug Administration include:
•visual hallucinations,
•suicidal thoughts,
•psychotic behavior,
•aggression or
•violent behavior.

Some children have died, children on stimulant medications have twice the future rate of drug abuse, and one third of all children on these medications develop symptoms of obsessive complusive behavior within the first year. Ritalin abuse is seen in high schools and college for its stimulant effects. Some are even chopping up the Ritalin and snorting it like cocaine for faster absorption. Ritalin is also water soluble,

Counselor Corner SP®: What I Found Out About.., I Think Parents Should Know!
making it to convert into a liquid which can be injected.

A 2000 Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) report revealed:

…on both animals and humans who were given cocaine and Ritalin. The test subjects could not tell the difference. The DEA concluded that, ‘They produce effects that are nearly identical’ (Foundation for a Drug-Free World, 2008).

For detailed information on Ritalin Abuse and the booklet “The Truth About Ritalin Abuse The abuse of prescription stimulants;Destroying young lives” contact:

Foundation for a Drug-Free World

1626 N. Wilcox Avenue, #1297

Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA email: Phone: 1-888NoToDrugs (1-888-668-6378)

Counselor Corner SP® (

What I Found Out About Heroin, I Think Parents Should Know!

This topic is endorsed by A Black-American Experience by Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD)

The Foundation for a Drug Free World has a publication that I think you as parents may want to read:

1626 N. Wilcox Avenue, #1297
Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA
Phone: 1-888-668-6378

I found out that Heroin is used around the world and has horrible withdrawals. Heroin was first manufactured as a tuberculosis treatment and remedy for morphine addiction. Methadone, developed as a surgical painkiller and the U.S. trade name is “Dolophine” is a replacement treatment for Heroin addiction.

Heroin is like opium and morphine, it comes from the pod of the poppy flower and is the 2nd refinement from opium, morphine is the first refinement from opium. The late 1990s showed a mortality rate of 20x greater than the mainstream population.

Because street drugs are not regulated, each time a person takes street forms of refined opium, they do not know what the dose is and it makes them at a higher risk for overdose. Most people know Heroin as and injected drug, superise, it is also smoked and sniffed. Heroin also quickly breaks down the immune system.

The United Nations reports that about 10 million people use Heroin world wide.

Afghanistan produces about 85% of the world’s opium based drugs. Afghansitan also has some of the worst para-terrorist groups in the world. The spread of illegal illicit drugs has terrorized U.S. youth for decades.

Good News

The more educated a child is about the effects and affects of illegal and illicit drugs from a supportive caregiver, the less likely they are to try drugs.

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivations: How Do Managers and Leaders Balance Them?


Extrinsic Motivations

Extrinsic motivations come from the outside world. Some call it peer pressure, social pressure, social norms, social values, etc. Many of these terms are looked at as negative. But many of them are necessary for social, moral, and economic stability. The term “pressure” implies that the person wants you to conform to something negative. But in reality, most of the “pressure” is to conform to the “norm” or to become the most “functional”. The highest level of functioning is “success”.

We measure extrinsic motivational success against the outside world, “achievement”, “recognition”, “status”, “promotions”, and “financial rewards”. 

Intrinsic Motivations

Intrinsic motivations come from our inner world. Some call it personal purpose, personal growth, life goals, charity, and social interests. These motivations are not measured against the outside world.


The key is to balance the need for external validation (Extrinsic) with self fulfillment (Intrinsic).


Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D., (ABD)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!!!! from TMSC Consulting SVCS, LLC Developmental Division

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year A.D.!!!!!!!

May this holiday season bring you health and sharing!!!!!!!

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