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Erikson’s Stages of Social Development

Development psychology is:

  • influence of experience-Learning also called nurture,
  • the unfolding of biological patterns-maturation also called nature,
  • early development periods during which particular early experiences are essential and are considered critical periods or developmental markers, and
  • the organization of behaviors and thoughts during particular early periods of development, stages, that are defined by relatively abrupt changes.

Developmental Psychology consists of:

  1. Cognitive Development,
  2. Social Development,
  3. Moral Development, and
  4. Chronological Development,

Erikson’s Stages of development are considered “Social Developmental Psychology”.

  • 0-2 years of age- Trust versus Mistrust
  • 2-3 years of age- Autonomy versus Doubt & Shame
  • 3-6 years of age- Initiative versus Guilt
  • 6-11 years of age- Industry versus Inferiority

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