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Book Review: Super Parenting Raising The Next Generation by Jacqueline P. Scott, Ed.D., M.B.A. and Olympia Ranee Scott

Have a dictionary ready, Super Parenting is a learning experience. New terms and ideas, the book is to raise the next generation. The twelve chapters are the handbook that did not come with your child:
1. Chapter One: What is SUPER Parenting?
2. Chapter Two: The Root of it All
3. Chapter Three: Physical Development
4. Chapter Four: Healthy Nutrition
5. Chapter Five: Mental Developmental
6. Chapter Six: Social-Emotional Development
7. Chapter Seven: The Nine Temperaments
8. Chapter Eight: Parenting Styles
9. Chapter Nine: Communication
10. Chapter Ten: Effective Discipline
11. Chapter Eleven: Child Safety
12. Chapter Twelve: Conclusion

To get the book, go to and don’t forget to have your credit card or checking account ready to order.

Enjoy learning and understanding that Super may not mean Perfect. Good Luck Parents!

Theodore Butler: The World’s Foremost Silver Expert from Investment Rarities Incorporated



According to analyst, Theodore Butler, Silver Is Special:

“Silver has properties that make it unique and irreplaceable for industry. Nothing else combines strength with softness that allows it to be formed and stretched. Nothing conducts electricity as well or is malleable, fatigue resistant, wettable and corrosion resistant. Nothing else has such high tensile strength, is wear resistant, has such a long functional life or is as light sensitive. It endures temperature extremes, conducts heat, reflects light, provides catalytic action, is bactericidal and reduces friction. It alloys and has chemical stability. From this you can see that silver can’t be substituted. It has too many unique properties.”

For current prices on the Investment Rarities Incorporated’s Silver Products:

Movie Review: Star Trek The Super Movie of the Year!!!!!

The new Star Trek movie has visual affects, special effects and graphics that now give Star Wars Moviesa run for their money. The young Spock  Zachary Quinton evolved to old Spock Leonard Nimoy. You would think that old Spock literally got his youth back and he was playing himself literally through time with a new name.

Zachary Quinton, great acting. This super movie of the year Star Trek,  has:

  • outstanding casting as young representations of old characters.
  • The young Captain Kirk Chris Pine  gives the old Captain Kirk William Shatner real competition for great acting in that role of risk taking, depth and extreme of pushing the rules, and using relationships.
  • Individuals that watch and understand the original Star Trek can see realistic development into mature characters.

Best quote:

I am not our father.

The concept of meeting and understanding ourselves and remembering our emotions.

This movie contains enough violence that it may be a concern for children and young teenagers. For the rating it receives including supervised teenagers, Star Trek gets  7 Stars out of 7 Stars and is considered Super Movie of the Year.


George Lopez Show: Review

Watching the George Lopez Show on 3/18/2009 at 11:00pm Pacific Standard Time, gives a good reason for a Review. The cast is Hispanic and on the 7 Star Rating system, the show is  5 Stars.

The George Lopez Show gives examples of:

  • Parenting Skills
  • Discusses difficult issues like bed wetting and racism
  • Social issues
  • And the difference from generation to generation in hopes and dreams for children

The show has some content that would be considered adult conversation and it is recommended that parents watch the show with the children to discuss and explain some of the issues.

The show could do a better job at having a more multicultural cast. There are more racial issues than just the majority race.


Marley & Me: Movie Review Opens 12/25/2008, Christmas Day

Marley & Me is 7 Stars on the Seven Star Rating System. Good entertainment for familes, singles, married, and is educational:

  • Teaches about relationships
  • Realistic
  • Shows family impact on employment
  • The cast is not to familiar
  • Married Couples see how others percieve you!!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

The Discovery Channel is Mullticultural and Scientific: TMSC Consulting SVCS, LLC Developmental Consulting Division Features "TV Network Reviews: Discovery Channel" by Tres Mali Scott Features “TV Network Reviews: Discovery Channel” by Tres Mali Scott



The Discovery Channel has shows about science, evolution, population, pollution, mutations, nature, anthropology, survival, religion, ancients, and ancient religions, ghosts, spirits, supernatural phenomena, psychic phenomena, hauntings, people, culture, traditions, and customs.

The Discovery Channel has multicultural guest and experts, the individuals on the screen reflect the culture of the United States of American Society today. The Channel is a good activity for parent and children discussions. This allows improvement in memory, TV monitoring, and relationships.

Many of the subjects of the science shows are thought in school and remind us of the foundations we learned. Many of the shows about ghosts and spirits include the religious understanding or discussion.

Many of the shows about culture include customs and traditions of others.

The commercial programing includes insurance, channel program, over the counter medications, cell phone, cable, and  phone service. The daytime programing is women oriented, we would like to think that things are different, but there many women that still stay home with their children. The evening programing is more science and cultural, oriented More towards families.

The Discovery Channel is an excellent educational tool, families can watch this programing together, single individuals with interest in programing subjects can enjoy this channel. Married individuals can enjoy discussing the subjects, it is not as entertaining as other channels because of the educational subject matter. Children can learn from this channel, with supervision.

The “7 Star” System: The Discovery Channel Rates:

  1. Education: 7 Stars
  2. Family: 5 Stars (Some Violence)
  3. Singles: 7 Stars
  4. Married: 7 Stars
  5. Entertainment: 5 Stars (More Educational)
  6. Children: 4 Stars (Recommended Supervision, some violence, some subjects need explanation Example: Religion and Science)

The Discovery Channel is a channel of multicultural and scientific discovery, it is educational and a good opportunity for parents to interact with children.

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