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Everything You Need To Go To Internet Colleges or Universities

In the 21 Century the Internet is used for more than commercial business. The Internet is also used to educate. Not only with interactive curriculum for the elementary and secondary schools, but also for associates, undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees. The most important tools to start as an Internet student include:

  • Computer Literate:
  • Email Access, and
  • Library Access
    • (Library Card to check out books and emergency Computer Use!!!!!)
  • Laptop or Desktop Computer with Audio and Video Access.
  • Computer accessories:
    • Printer or Printing Access, Microphone,  earphones, mouse, camera, and external memory saving devices (for example: SDHC Memory Cards, Flash Disk USB Devices, Zip Drives).
  • Correct Memory device storage capacity.
    • Some devices may not store enough information to hold a doctorate level paper or the charts or graphs that some college and university work requires.
  • Correct Laptop or Desktop Computer cords and connectors
    • (for example: printer cables, Ethernet cords for internet connection, sync cords and cables for other devices to connect to your computer, and/or the adapters for correct connections).
  • School & Office Supplies:
    • Notebooks, pens, pencils, paperclips, erasers, stapler, & other office supplies used for school work.
  • Travel Bag for on campus in class requirements:
    • (Many programs require in class hours for graduation).
  • Appropriate Business Clothes for on campus in class requirements.

The Blaylock Wellness Report July 2009 on African-Americans Incidence of Heart Disease

The Blaylock Wellness Report’s July 2009 issue has strategies to increase nutrients for your heart. The article states:

African-Americans have the highest incidence of heart disease, including heart failure. A study of 30 such patients with heart failure of varying degrees found all had low vitamin D-3 levels, about half had low serum zinc levels, and all had low levels of selenium.

This article states that the following are common heart failure nutrient deficiencies:

  1. Selenium
  2. B vitamins (especially thiamine)
  3. Zinc
  4. Magnesium
  5. Riboflavin

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