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“E” Developmental Psychological Limited Dictionary


Entry-(Branch of Psychology)- Definition


Ego-(Psychology, Personality Development)- From Freud’s theory of personality development and is one of the three parts of personality. The ego gratifies urges within acceptable bounds, conscious. The three parts of personality according to Freud:

  1. Id-basic biological urges, unconscious
  2. Ego-gratifies urges within acceptable bounds, conscious
  3. Superego- values and ideals of society, conscience

Emotion-(Psychology, Emotional Development)- is described as subjective experiences, physiological arousal and responses, expressed by behaviors and change cognition.

Empty Love-(Psychology, Social Psychology)-Is from a theory of Sternberg. Empty love is commitment, without intimacy or passion.

Erikson-(Psychology, Social Development)- Has a theory in the field of Psychology the defines stages of social development including:

  • Trust vs. Mistrust 0-2 years of age
  • Autonomy vs. Doubt and shame 2-3 yrs
  • Initiative vs. Guilt 3-6 yrs
  • Industry vs. Inferiority 6-11 yrs

Etiology-(Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Psychopathology, Medical Model)- is the probable cause of an illness or disease.

 Existential Psychodynamics-(Psychology, Personality Development)- Is a theory in the field of psychology, A Theorist is Yalom, and it believes that the primary drive of the individual is to derive meaning from the complexities of their life experiences. To understand:

  • structure,
  • rationale, or
  • justify events.

The primary concerns of this approach to psychotherapy are:

  1. Death
  2. Freedom
  3. Existential isolation
  4. Meaninglessness

Extinction-(Psychology, Learning, Conditioning)- the diminishing of a behavior.

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