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Senior Writer and Editor has Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalism Award 2nd Place and is a Member of Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology

“H” Developmental Psychological Limited Dictionary


Entry-(Branch of Psychology)-  Definition


Habituation-(Psychology, Behaviorism)- The tendency of an organism to become less responsive and become desensitized upon repeated exposure to the same stimulus. For example: people who grow in urban areas may be less responsive to shootings or emergency vehicle noise.

Hereditability of IQ-(Psychology, Language, Thinking, and Intelligence)- About 50% of IQ scores are attributable to genetic differences, and include experiences and extremes in intelligence.

Hindbrain-(Psychology, Biological Bases of Psychology)- contains the medulla, pons, reticular activating system, cerebellum, and is responsible for reflexive and automatic behaviors.

Humanism-(Psychology, Psychological School of Thought)- Is a theory of Psychology that emphases a focus on how blocked personal growth and value conflicts lead to abnormality.

Hypochondriacs-(Psychology, Somatoform Disorders)- A misinterpretation of ones body that leads them to think they are sick or have a disease or illness and is a preoccupation with the fear of having the sickness or disease.


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